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5 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Veganism

If you’ve decided to make the switch from eating meat products to a completely plant-based diet, you’re embarking on a journey towards good health. Many people look forward to this change because they enjoy the health benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. But at the same time, others may also experience some degree of stress at first as they learn to adapt to an eating habit that does not include meat and animal products.

Nonetheless, going vegan really does wonders for our bodies. And if you want to know more about these, then continue reading as we’ll talk about the 5 science-backed health benefits of veganism in today’s article.

1. Vegan Lifestyle Can Lower Blood Pressure

Several studies suggest that switching to a purely-plant based diet can lower blood pressure, which also effectively reduces the risk of having a stroke, type 2 diabetes, and other kinds of heart diseases.

In fact, in a JAMA Internal Medicine article published in April 2014, it is stated that over 39 studies have already determined that people who practiced veganism had significantly lower blood pressure compared to people who practiced omnivorous diets (those who eat both plant and meat products). So this goes to show the effectiveness of vegan living in fighting hypertension.

2. Eating Plant-Based Foods Can Also Help Reduce Weight

The risk of being obese decreases once you change from a meat-heavy diet to a plant-based type of eating. And that’s because vegans tend to weigh lighter as certain foods are being replaced with healthier choices which reduce your body mass index as a result.

Aside from that, focusing your diet on plants allows you to shed off pounds effortlessly since fruits and vegetables are digested slower due to the fiber and relatively low glycemic index. In short, you’ll feel stuffed longer and you won’t crave for any food anytime soon.

Moreover, the antioxidants in fruits and vegetables also prolong fullness so you won’t think of having snacks in between meals.

3. Focusing Mainly On Plant Intake Also Strengthens The Brain

According to research findings, consuming at least 100 grams of plant-based foods per day can result in a 13% decrease in the risk of having dementia and cognitive impairment. And that’s because vegetables and fruits contain polyphenols which slow the progression of mentally degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Likewise, it is also determined that nourishing your body with plant-based products may also reverse cognitive decline, based on a study 2014 publishing from Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.

4. A ‘Healthier’ Source To Supply Your Body With The Much-Needed Nutrients

Eliminating animal products and switching to plant-based food is more beneficial since you allow your body to get the much-needed nutrients minus the bad stuff that you usually get from meat and poultry.

For instance, the protein you normally get from beef, pork, or chicken can also be supplied by plant-based protein alternatives like tofu, seitan, edamame, lentils, nutritional yeast, and chickpeas. While essential fatty acids or ‘good fat’ can be sourced by leafy vegetables like kale, collards, and spinach.

5. Helps You To Live Longer

And lastly, being a vegan lowers the mortality rate by 25% and increases the protective layer of the body by 5% according to studies made in 2018. So if you want to live longer, then start eating fruits and vegetables today.

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