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I don’t believe people understand the true health and world ramifications of consuming dead animals. The “Change Your Food, Change Your Life” DVD covers this subject fairly well in just 35 minutes in the “To Clog or Not to Clog” section. Eating meat is of no benefit to your body, or the environment. If you understand that, then it’s time to just jump right in and join the growing number of people who are going vegetarian.

Making the decision to “just do it” will change your life. Every minute and every day you will be prouder and more self-confident. This increased pride and self-confidence will allow you to move to the next healthy change in your life and then the next.

I was the type of person who laid on the couch and ate bonbons, watched soap operas, and generally escaped life; hurting myself, numbing my fears….

I was scared as hell to call myself a vegetarian!!! I didn’t know if I could do it. I read so many compelling health reasons, but it really hit me when I read how my decision would be of such benefit to the hundreds of innocent animals that do not need to die. Howard Lyman said, “No living creature needs to die today so that I can live.” I would add that no tree needs to be cut down to provide grazing land for those animals either….I love trees. It is tremendously sad for me that the rain forest is being destroyed to provide fuel for humans who are perfectly able to consume healthier fuel and live.

I think that making the decision to become a vegetarian is so powerful because it takes you out of yourself. It is a personal decision that honors your fellow creatures and the planet we live on. It’s a decision that says, “I am not just for peace, I am about peace.” Gandhi said, “Let you be the change you wish to see in the world.” It is a selfless decision in a narcissistic society. I believe internal rewards come from that kind of decision.

At first, I thought that I was “denying” myself comfort and pleasure, but I was doing it for the good of others so….the things I thought I was losing in the beginning have turned out to be no loss at all! Instead, they have been a catalyst to better, more wonderful food and greater abundance in my life. The rewards have been staggering.

It’s really NOT about ME or YOU. It’s about one fabulous, magnificent contribution of choice that supports LIFE, HEALTH, and LOVE that ends up helping me and you in the process!

The “Change Your Food, Change Your Life” DVD is meant to touch on the big personal and global benefits of cutting out meat, and then give you hope, showing that the decision and the path are not that difficult. That you CAN do it. That your life WILL improve! I can guarantee it if you make the choice to go vegetarian and change your life!