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Social Dynamics Inside A Coffee Shop

Few establishments have experienced the level of success attained by coffee shops around the world. Once typically found as a mere stop-and-go place, coffee houses have grown into an intrinsic part of modern life that most turn to for social and working occasions.

With this newfound popularity, there has been a rising number of chains to cater to the needs of coffee drinkers worldwide, with Starbucks being the most popular chain of coffee shops. Thus, choosing from the wide variety of offerings available can be difficult and daunting, especially for first-time visitors.

But why do people flock to coffee shops? Is it the coffee? The company of others? Or is it the place?

Get to know more about the social dynamics inside a coffee shop as you read today’s article.

It A Whole New Culture Once You Get Inside The Café Door

Coffee houses have long been integrated into the American urban sphere since the mid-17th century. And since then, cafes have been known to be places where people could get together to chat or simply enjoy time together. But in the 90s, the role of coffee shops has expanded greatly to the point where people don’t just go there for coffee. Customers purchase a cup, and the seat is theirs. What they do there with their time is up to them.

According to scholars, today’s coffee shops are filled with people who go there for the experience, while some visit there as an everyday routine. But the purpose of their visit is no longer limited to leisure, because some customers see it as their “third place” where they can separate themselves from the work-home dichotomy while accomplishing their daily tasks.

Upon careful observation, people visit coffee shops because of the following reasons:

  • To have a cup of their favorite brew.
  • To spend time with family and friends.
  • To socialize with others.
  • To read while drinking coffee.
  • To find a quiet place for work or study.
  • To enjoy the “café atmosphere”.
  • To order on the go.

And to explain further, the modern coffee shop culture is a mix of some of these different personalities:

1. The Coffee Nerd – This customer is the quintessential coffee aficionado who is passionately invested in the brand.

2. The WiFi Obsessor – This customer is likely working remotely on a full-time basis and goes to cafes to enjoy the relaxing ambiance while doing work. But the funny thing is they can’t seem to remember the WiFi password even if it’s being given to them many times.

3. The Speed Demon – You’ll immediately feel the anxiety in the air once this type of customer comes in because they are typically career persons who order coffee and leave out immediately.

4. The Avid Reader – This type of customer is a person who is looking for a place to settle while focusing on the pages of the books they’re reading, with coffee of course.

5. The Chit-Chatter – Lastly, this customer is a local in the community who loves to visit the café and start a conversation with other customers.

All in all, it’s great to know that coffee shops have evolved into places where people can do more than just hang out.

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