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The Positive Effects of Veganism On Mental Health

Practicing veganism is usually associated with physical health. But can it affect our mental well-being as well? The answer is YES. It’s just that most of the articles you can find pertains to the negative effects like causing anxiety and depression due to the lack of key nutrients found in animal products when you search for information about this subject on Google.

So we decided to write down the positive effects of veganism on mental health and take a look into the other side of the coin before pursuing a vegan lifestyle.

Veganism Works If You Do It The Right Way

Contrary to popular belief, going vegan does not immediately cause mental disorder per se. In the same manner, you can’t blame the lack of nutrients for the rise of mental health issues because there are also other factors to consider in having these conditions.

Veganism aims for better health, both physically and mentally. But this can only be achieved if you do it right to prevent nutrient deficiency that can result in common psychological ailments like anxiety and depression. So doing your homework is also necessary for you to make the right choices.

So What Benefits Can Veganism Bring To Your Psychological Well-Being?

Here are the positive effects of veganism on mental health according to practicing vegans:

No More Food Guilt

First things first, this does not pertain to the kind of guilt you will experience after eating a large pack of chips or a tub of frozen dessert. Rather, the guilt we’re talking about here is linked to animal cruelty.

Sure most us love eating steaks, buffalo wings, and other meaty delicacies, but one thing we often overlook is the fact that the animal has to be butchered first before the meat goes into your plate. And that is animal cruelty, which can often lead to guilt. Even consuming dairy products can also lead to this feeling due to the harsh practices in the dairy industry.

However, deciding to go vegan can eliminate this guilt deep inside and replace it with pride since you know that no animals were being harmed while nourishing your body with the food you eat.

Less Loneliness

Many people still see veganism as a fad or a delusionary move to steer away from the traditional way of eating. And as a result, vegans are often confronted by their peers by making them weird or crazy just to make them feel isolated from others. And this is something that practicing vegans are not looking forward to.

Yet, there is no reason to dismay as the vegan community is growing. And if you join vegan groups on social media today, you will find that these people who share the same interests are very friendly and welcoming. So having their support can definitely provide the kind of emotional boost that you need to make you feel fulfilled while leading a vegan way of life.

Mental Fortitude

Lastly, the positive effects of veganism on mental health can also be attributed to mental fortitude knowing that if you eat vegan food every day, you are also saving at least a cow or chicken, 1100 gal. of water, and 30 square feet of forest in the process.

Overall, taking the vegan path is a worthwhile journey for it leads to better things not only to your mind and body but to the greater good of the environment as well.

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