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What Are The Facts And Myths About Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is a type of STI that is caused by the trichomonas vaginalis parasite. It is one of the most common kinds of STI in the whole world, and it can affect men and women in different ways. Some people who are infected with this STD may not experience any symptoms for many months to years, but it can surely cause serious health complications if not treated early.

If you are suspecting of having this kind of STI, it is recommended to seek treatment immediately through physical consultation or schedule an appointment with an online STD doctor. It is also important to inform those with whom you have engaged in sexual contact at the time that you may have been infected with this disease so you can both seek proper medical treatment.

But what are the facts and myths about trichomoniasis? Get to know more about this as we go through this topic in today’s article.

Fact: Pregnant Women Are More Susceptible To Trichomoniasis Infection

This is true because according to medical experts, pregnant women are automatically at higher risk of being infected. And even worse, mothers who are infected with trich will definitely have a significant impact on their pregnancy because the risk of passing the parasite to their babies is greater. Plus, the condition can lead to premature labor and severely unhealthy pregnancy.

Myth: The Parasite Causing Trichomoniasis Can Be Transmitted On Toilet Seats

While it’s already established that trich bacteria can also spread by sharing sex toys or touching the genitals of your partner, the parasite won’t be able to survive outside the body for that long. In short, the parasite may be able to easily infect the penis, urethra, vulva, and vagina, but it won’t infect the mouth, anus or other body parts. So sitting on the toilet seat, especially from a public toilet, won’t get you infected that easily.

Moreover, trich can’t be transmitted through casual contact like hugging, kissing, sharing food and drinks, sneezing, and coughing.

Fact: Tests Are Needed To Have An Official Diagnosis

While trichomoniasis may manifest certain symptoms, there are thousands of cases that don’t show any symptoms at all – which makes it hard for someone to determine if they are indeed infected with this kind of STD or not.

That is why it’s recommended to have a doctor’s appointment and get tested immediately so you’ll be able to get an official diagnosis of the infection. And you won’t have to worry because most STI tests are non-invasive. All it takes is a simple blood test and wait for just 2 to 3 days to get the result.

You can also opt for an online treatment for trichomoniasis to ensure discretion and confidentiality.

Myth: Trichomoniasis Is A Short-Term Type Of Infection

This is also a misconception because if left untreated, the parasite that’s causing the infection can actually live in your body for many, many years without being noticed. And this is partially because of the nature of the trich infection which don’t show any kinds of symptoms for most of the time that leads us to think we’re not infected with trich at all.

So get tested immediately to get a clear diagnosis about your health condition. And if in case you are infected, all you need to do is follow the doctor’s orders in taking the meds and you’ll be able to be healthy again in no time.

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