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What Makes The Best Cold Brew Coffee

There are many different coffees to choose from when you are looking for a great cup of brew. Some of these include espresso, French press, and cappuccino. All of these have their own unique flavor and unique style, but there is nothing better than the delicious taste of a cold brew coffee.

You don’t have to brew one at home, but you can still enjoy the amazing taste of a cold brew any time with a delicious and refreshing cup of cold beverage.

So what makes the best cold brew coffee? To find out more, we recommend you to read further as we’ll tackle this topic in today’s post.

It All Starts With Defining What A Cold Brew Is

Contrary to popular belief, a cold brew is more than just iced coffee where you simply put ice cubes on instant coffee. Or in some instances, it’s brewing ground coffee with boiling water, then let it cool down for a while before pouring it into a cup with ice – at least, that’s how some people make their version of cold brews.

But experts say if you want to concoct a “true” cold brew you’ll have to do it through the Japanese method of making cold beverage, which is using a pour-over set up to allow the freshly brewed coffee to drip over the ice cubes. This process is recommended since it preserves the aroma and robust flavor of the coffee minus the waiting time since the brew instantly cools off.

Another thing to remember is that you should never use hot water when making cold brew coffee. Instead, you should take extra steps by brewing ground coffee in water between 70-35 degrees Fahrenheit or something that is near to room temperature from 2 to 24 hours as this will produce a better flavor. Just make sure the ground coffee is carefully filtered so it will be sediment-free.

The Kind Of Coffee Blend To Be Used

A perfect blend of coffee involves a lot of variables such as:

  • The variety of coffee bean
  • Where the beans are grown
  • The elevation of the land
  • The method of processing the beans
  • The roasting process
  • How the coffee is stored
  • And many others

Fortunately, cold brewing is more forgiving. So these variables don’t really matter. Just make sure the temperature of the water is cooler compared to traditional brewing, and that you’ll have to brew it a bit longer. Also, you’ll have to consider how coarse the grind of the coffee is as this will also affect the end result of the blend.

If you want to know what a perfect blend of cold brew coffee taste like, visit The Steaming Cup at Waukesha as they make awesome cold beverages.

Should You Ground Your Coffee Or Buy A Pre-Ground Product?

Experts say this will boil down to your personal preference, but there are advantages and disadvantages to grinding your own coffee beans or choosing a pre-ground product:

Buying a pre-ground coffee is convenient since you don’t have to mess with the grinding process. But the freshness of the coffee is not guaranteed. Plus, the coffee loses 60% of its aroma in less than 15 minutes.

On the other hand, grinding your own coffee brings out a fuller flavor. But the downside is freshly roasted beans cost more than pre-ground coffee. And you’ll have to grind them before 2-3 weeks before it will lose its freshness.

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