why people hangout in coffee shops

Why People Love Hanging Out At Coffee Shops And Coffee Bars

Truly, there’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee, but have you ever thought about why people love hanging out at coffee shops and coffee bars? What makes these places so special? Is it the scent of brewing coffee? The ambiance of the café? Or perhaps the joy of being with good company?

Whether you’re lounging at premier café bistro, or spending time with friends at any of the best coffee shops in Waukesha or in any other coffee shops in the country for that matter, you simply can’t resist going back to these places again and again to get your favorite cup of cappuccino, espresso, or latte.

So we invite you to read further as we’ll tackle the reasons why you and others can’t get enough of visiting cafes. And trust us, it’s more than just the caffeine.

A Perfect “Third Place”

According to a sociologist, an average person craves for a place to spend their time away from home (their ‘first place’) and work (their ‘second place’) every week. And these establishments should allow everyone to gather, unwind, interact, or simply kill time.

Gyms, parks, salons, clubhouses, bars may pass up as a good ‘third place’ for many, but coffee shops and coffee bars seem to provide a kind of vibe that makes people want to go back again and again. And that’s because cafes satisfy most of the things we’re looking for in a ‘third place’: comfortable, welcoming atmosphere, highly accessible, good food, and most especially refreshing drinks (that’s don’t necessarily make you drunk). Likewise, these places can also serve as an alternative spot for conducting meetings in a casual setting with a couple of clients and colleagues.

A Place That Promotes Creativity

A café can also be an ideal place to sit into if you’re writing school papers or preparing for a presentation. Why? It’s because most people feel productive when they’re in these places. So what’s the reason behind this?

In a research conducted by the University of Chicago, people require moderate ambient sound to be productive. So it means that staying inside a quiet room while doing these things might not help to get your creative juices flowing. And coffee shops provide a conducive environment where we can be productive and creative. It’s is an ideal place to study, read, or write because it produces the perfect level of noise and distraction to help stimulate your brain to be productive.

So next time you’ll be dealing with a school or work project, try to visit a nearby coffee shop and see if it unleashes your creativity.

Human’s Version Of A Watering Hole

In the wild, animals of different kinds are always drawn to watering holes to refresh, relax, and socialize in their own ways. And this is true with Homo sapiens because humans are social species. That’s why we long for social interaction with our friends and other people.

And coffee shops and coffee bars can be considered as human’s version of a watering hole where we can all relax and meet up with others while enjoying a delicious hot, cold, or blended coffee and tasty pastries and desserts along with plush armchairs, comfy couches, perfect room temperature, dimmed lighting, relaxing music, perfect room temperature, and laid back atmosphere.

And there you have it, the reasons why people love chilling out at café bars and bistros.

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