Food is Elementary

The Food Studies Institute promotes the long-term health and education of elementary school children through curriculum development, multi-media publishing, teacher training, and consulting on the implementation of a unique curriculum integrating academic disciplines with experiential learning about food, nutrition, culture and the arts. As a non-profit, tax exempt, corporation, we also assist schools to incorporate low-fat, high fiber, nutritious entrees into school meals and to involve parents and guardians in their children’s food education.

“Food education is a critical area of study that has been sadly neglected in most educational environments. In my research, peer reinforcement played a major role in influencing children to try new foods.” Dr. Antonia Demas

A couple of years ago, I attended a Conference for Conscious Living at Northwestern University. One of the speakers was Dr. Antonia Demas. She has developed the most incredible food education curriculum I can imagine. I watched her 10 minute video and I was hooked.

I then had the awesome experience of teaching this award winning curriculum for the 2003/2004 school year in my son’s 2nd grade class.

The key concept was experiential learning through engaging all of the senses. Students, in cooperation with their peers, cooked dishes from all over the world. Studying the foods of a particular culture, we learned about history, music, geography, literature, social structures, art, etc… We also applied mathematical concepts through weighing, measuring, estimating and otherwise quantifying foods.

The curriculum is meant to work in conjunction with the school lunch program using USDA commodity foods in the recipes.